Pakistan players and PCB close to reaching agreement on new contracts

Pakistan players

Players can finalize their participation this week with the necessary permissions for T20 franchise leagues, and significant differences have been resolved.

Who was agree to the agreement? Pakistan Players Or PCB

Almost two months after their old contracts ended, Pakistani players and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are almost ready to agree on new contracts. It’s expected that all players will agree to the contracts this week, and if not, definitely before the Asia Cup begins on August 30. This comes after they worked out and resolved several important issues that were causing concerns.

The players and the PCB look at many divergence points between them No-Objection Certificates (NOCs) for players for T20 franchise leagues have been found in Common Ground. The PCB argued that Shaheen Afridi could not participate in the PSL or any other league besides the ILT20 when his bumper ILT20 contract was signed. on the other hand players in the lower categories are allowed to play two leagues besides the PSL. The PCB softened its position after the player’s pushback.

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How many Issues face by the Team?

There are several issues that are very serious, and the common reason for negotiations stretched out and delayed for a long. The sharing of players’ revenue, and image rights independent sponsorship discussion roadblocks. The PCB is open to the other way to provide financially compensate players and is also flexible on non-exclusive sponsorship deals

A huge distraction before a crucial period for Pakistan cricket will come to an end if the contracts are finalized this week. After the ODI series with Afghanistan, there will be a three-match Test series against Australia, the Asia Cup, and the World Cup in India.

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